Meet Dr. Oswalt, DVM

  • Dr. Oswalt has now retired. However, you will continue to enjoy the same services she provided and so much more.

  • Thank you so much Dr. Oswalt for serving the Pacific Northwest!


Melinda T., Bellevue, WA
As a pet owner, one of the hardest decisions is when to let go. Acknowledging that my cat "had to go" before he got worse was very difficult for me. Management shifts from life to death and how to create an easy end as gratitude for the time we shared. Thanks to your help, explanations and compassion. We gave Tino a loving and soothing end to his suffering. Thank you so very much!!!.  
C. C., Seattle, WA
I knew when it came time to put our 19-year-old cat down that I wanted him to go in as much comfort and peace as possible, in his own home with his family who loved him. Dr. Oswalt explained the process in terms that we could understand, which was so comforting. She really put our concerns at ease. We never felt rushed through the process. Dr. Oswalt was so professional, kind, and compassionate. As difficult of a time as it was, she made it as easy on us as possible and I feel grateful to have found her. Thank you, Dr. Oswalt. 
Julie A., Bellevue, WA
Dr. Oswalt has been our family vet for the past 15 years. She is professional, but also kind and caring toward both cats and humans. Dr. Oswalt has never tried to sell me on expensive tests or unnecessary procedures. In fact, she has always worked to reduce costs whenever possible since I am a retiree with a fixed income. Her kindness and compassion were particularly evident a few months ago when one of our cats became ill and had to be put to sleep. Nothing was rushed, and everything was explained thoroughly, which I really appreciated. A shout out to Dr. Oswalt!

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