Quality-of-Life Consultations

A brief assessment is included when you call for a home euthanasia appointment. This assessment helps to ensure that that the decision to euthanize your pet is not premature. You and your veterinarian may have been struggling for a long time with the process and the decision. If you need help making the decision or assessing your pet’s quality of life, Dr. Oswalt is available to review your records and conduct an in-home evaluation of your pet.

After Care of the Body


Dr. Oswalt can arrange for transport and cremation of your deceased pet. Or, pet owners can manage aftercare of the body themselves. If you would like more information about after care of the body, please don't hesitate to ask.



Dr. Oswalt makes arrangements with a crematory service to receive your pet. Cremation includes transportation of the body (up to a maximum of 80 pounds) to the crematory. You may choose between a private or non-private cremation for your pet. 

  • Non-private cremations include other animals as well as your pet and the ashes are scattered in an orchard in Gold Bar. 

  • If you choose a private cremation, your pet will be cremated individually, ensuring that only your pet’s ashes are returned to you. The price of private cremation also includes the return of the ashes to your home. You may choose to have your pet's ashes returned in either an urn or a cherry wood box. If you choose the cherry wood box, a brass plate can be added with your pet's name engraved on it for an additional $10.



Seattle Pet Cemetery & Cremation Service (Pet Haven) is a full service pet funeral home. Please contact them for more detailed arraignments. They are available 24 hours a day. Call the Seattle Pet Cemetery & Cremation Service at (206)878-7292 for more information.


Pet Memorials

Dr. Oswalt can also create clay impressions of your pet's paw prints. Sets of clay paw prints must be requested at the time of booking an appointment. Alternatively, Petsmart and Petco both offer pet memorials. Other types of memorials for pets may be found online. 

Home Euthanasia


Dr. Oswalt takes time to discuss the euthanasia procedure with everyone involved in the decision. If at any time you change your mind about the procedure and and do not want to continue, there is no obligation. Once the decision is made, Dr Oswalt will help you complete the paperwork. You may wish to remain with your pet during the euthanasia procedure, or you may wait in another room until the euthanasia is completed. The choice is up to you.

Every pet is different, and each has its own response to medication. A sedative may be administered to your pet first. Most cats do not require a sedative. However, a sedative is recommended for most dogs. The choice of a sedative may depend on the disease process that is affecting the body. In every case, the distribution of the drugs is dependent upon the body’s circulation. If circulation has been compromised by disease or the dying process, the euthanasia process may take longer than expected. 


A euthanasia drug is administered through an IV. Your pet will become unconscious immediately, although you may observe some reflex actions such as leg movement or a few deep breaths. Death is quick and painless and your pet will not suffer during the process. 


The IV will not be removed until your pet has passed away. Once you feel that the spirit of your pet has left the body, Dr. Oswalt will double-check for signs of life before declaring death. If desired, you may request additional time after the procedure is finished to be together and say goodbye to your pet.

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